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Bj Nocks 8.5 Yellow

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  • This nock has the snap–on feature which allows hunters to have an arrow ready at all times.
  • Also, the snap-on feature is a must for the release shooter to prevent "arrow dropping."
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  • Primos Lil Can Hyper Doe Bleat

    • Smaller for higher pitched bleats of young does.
    • Perfect for early hunting season.
  • Grand Multi Vision Climbing Stand

    • All the unique features as the Multi-Vision, plus construction for the larger hunter.
    • 3" wider seat than the Original.
    • ComfortTech seating system.
    • Black pad covers with logo.
    • Includes safety harness.
    • Smoke Grey.
    • Construction: Steel
    • Platform size: 18" x 32"
    • Seat size: 24"
    • Weight: 31 lbs
    • Weight rating: 300 lbs
      • Cyclops 1 Watt Led Rechargeable Spotlight

        • Dual recharge, either AC/DC charger or 12V DC car plug adapter.
        • Dual source illumination, 90 lumens on high beam, 40 lumens on low beam.
        • Burn Time: 4 hours on High, 9 hours on Low.
        • Tactical power button.
        • Powered by 4V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery.
      • Wac'em Xl & Crossbow Replacement Blades & Rings

        Replacement blades and rings for Wac'em XL broadhead and crossbow broadhead; 100 grain.
      • Tinks Pocketshot Undercover Sys Acorn, Earth, Red Fox P Scents

        • Tink's deadliest attractants and most powerful cover scents available in quick Pocketshot bottles.
        • The compact size will free up space in your pack and is small enough to keep right in your pocket for quick access.
        • Spray when walking to your hunting location to help avoid detection.
        • Over (50) shots of mist per bottle.
        • Each bottle contains: .2705 fl. oz.
        • Includes Tink's Acorn, Earth, and Red Fox-P Cover Scents.
      • Axion 2n1 Hunter Stabilizer Hybrid Damper 4" 6.5oz Xtra (discontinued - non-returnable)

        • HTR stabilizer is a new direction in stabilization.
        • The engineers at axion archery placed a vertical damper below the center of gravity making this stabilizer shoot like a 6" long stabilizer.
        • It maintains a low 4" profile with amazing results and you do not have to remove the stabilizer from the bow for storage.
        (discontinued - non-returnable)
      • K3 Quarterback W/f Stabilizer 6" Red Accent

        • Internal / External dampening.
        • Exclusive Coin Damper design.
        • Insert up to 10 quarters for weight.
        • Quarters add up to 1.6 oz of extra weight.
        • Color: Black with red accents
      • K&h Outlaw Grunt Call

        • Innovative beveled reed system creates earlier back pressure for better consistency.
        • Snort wheeze.
        • Deeper sound with more volume.
        • Built-in calibration with Bone Collector.
      • React Trio Pro Sight .019 Right Hand Black

        • Mathematical precision of React Technology automatically adjusts all pins to the optimal location.
        • Make easy corrections with advanced 100% tool-less micro adjustment.
        • 3-pins allow you to have set 20, 30, and 40 yard pins, then dial precise yardage at extended range.
        • Strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third-axis leveling.
        • Positive stop design at the 40-yard indicator position.
        • Durable 100% machine-aluminum construction.
        • Ultra-bright .019 fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility.
        • Adjust the brightness to suit any shooting condition with the rheostat light. 
        • Measured arrow speed: 250-330 fps.
        • Includes: React Trio sight, yardage stickers for 40-100 yards in red, white, and yellow, mounting hardware and pre-charged rheostat light battery.
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