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Allen Mesh Decoy Bag 30x50"

Allen Mesh Decoy Bag 30x50"


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  • Reinforced web shoulder straps.
  • Chest strap (sternum strap).
  • Beak proof mesh fabric.
  • Draw cord top closure.
  • 30" x 50".
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    • X10 S/s 1pc Point 100-120gr

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      • Ultra bright .019 fiber optic pins.
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      • Maximum vane clearance.
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      • High strength stainless steel launcher arm.
      • Sealed bushings increase downward speed at launch.
      • No unwanted bounce back when firing.
      • Technical rubber dampeners silence arrow loading.
      • Attaches to downward moving buss cable.
      • Full windage / elevation adjustments.
      • Laser engraved reference marks.
      • Fits all carbon and aluminum arrows.
      • For left and right handed bows.
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