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Bloodsport Impact Flare Arrows 5575 W/3 Flare Lights

Bloodsport Impact Flare Arrows 5575 W/3 Flare Lights


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  • Fletched with 2" Blazer vanes and Bohning nocks
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    • Premium Flem Bowstring 16 Strand 58"

      • Dacron material with nylon serving.
      • Recurve: Green & Black.
      • Note: Do not use any string wax that has silicone in it such as seal-tite wax.
      • These waxes are designed for the newer string materials but will MAKE A FLEMISHED STRING COME APART AT THE LOOP ENDS!
    • Carlton Diaphragm Elk Triple

      • Frame is lightweight but strong.
      • Reeds are stretched tight for that high pitched bugle.
      • The diaphragm is the only call which successfully imitates all parts of the elk's call.
      • Once mastered, you can produce the bugle, cough, chuckle, spike bark, and cow call.
    • 452x Bowstring Material Flo Purple 1/8# Spool

      • 67% SK75 Dyneema, 33% Vectran.
      • Half the strand size of 450 Plus.
      • Slightly higher arrow speed.
      • More strand count flexibility and improved looking strings.
      • No creep; completely stable.
      • Recommended strands: 22/24.
      • Approx. ft/lb waxed: 8800.
    • Hunter W/wrap 7 Pin Large .010 Right Hand

      • 2nd and 3rd axis leveling.
      • No clamp gang adjustment.
      • Precision installed bubble.
      • Individually micro-adjustable pins.
      • Round pin guard with Alignment ring.
      • Vertical aiming wire for faster alignment.
      • Solid 6061 aluminum construction.
      • BulletProof technology pins.
      • Right hand.
    • Replacement Str8 Clamp

      • The Blazer STR8 Jig is designed for small carbon shafts.
      • It provides straight vane placement for vanes up to 2".
    • Game Changer 5 Arrow Quiver Black

      • Lightweight / compact.
      • CNC-machined aluminum construction.
      • Easy 1-hand removal.
      • Adjustable tension Cam-Lock moves the quiver tight against the bow riser to reduce torque and provide superior balance.
      • Full adjustability allows quiver to mount behind the sight.
      • TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating.
      • Secure double gripper design.
      • Fits both carbon and aluminum arrows including Easton G, X and H.
      • Fits both mechanical and fixed broadheads.
      • Mounting bracket is adjustable up ordown to better fit all bows.
      • Technical rubber hood insert won't dull broadheads and reduces noise and vibration.
      • Includes rigid aluminum hanging loop for use in treestands or ground blinds.
      • Fits both right and left-handed bows.
      • Holds up to 5 arrows.
    • Allen Crossbow Decocking Bolt

      • High impact rubber tip.
      • Safe and convenient way to de-cock your bow.
      • 22".
    • Sts Deluxe Realtree Medium

      • The bungee tether.
      • Elastic bandoleer shoulder strap piece.
      • Bungee dummy line.
      • Binocular slide holder.
      • Ammunition holder.
      • Functional side pouch.
      • Safety rope is adjustable using prussic hitch.
      • Safety rope converts to a lineman's climbing belt, extra clip furnished.
      • 360° mobility in stand.
      • Bow holder on harness belt.
      • Realtree.
    • Reversible Beanie 3d Deception Camo To Fall Gray Camo

      • Super soft micro fleece.
      • Screen printed Predator logo.
      • One size fits all.
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