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Horn Hunter Bino Hub Breakup

Horn Hunter Bino Hub Breakup


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  • Provides quick and easy access to your binos and rangefinder.
  • Powerful magnets hold your rangefinder in the perfect position for quick use.
  • Binoculars attach to the harness not around your neck.
  • Molded foam protective bino compartment.
  • Dual position magnetic range finder holders.
  • Range wrap included (fits most rangefinders).
  • Side stretch pouch great for calls or wind detectors.
  • Standard size: 8 x 42 - 10 x 42.
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    • Rs Nok Ez Arrow Level

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    • Dacron Bowstring 14st Black 27"

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      • Each strand has a 50 lb. strength and is served with an abrasive–resistance mono–filament serving.
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    • Maxim 38 Peep Sight 1/4"

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      • The 38 degree angled aperture allows long draw archers and those shooting bows as short as 30" axel-to-axel a quality 1-piece self aligning peep.
      • Like the original MAXIM 45 it features a protective hood and is made of a special hybrid/ high impact polymer.
      • The special hood design keeps rain and sunlight out of aperture area.
      • The alignment post is separated from the aperture by 10 degree assuring that you will never see the post or tubing at full draw.
      • This is not recommended for bows with long axel to axel length or archers with short draw lengths.
    • Ams Special Ops Night Vision Kit

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      • On/Off use of 2-3 nights.
      • Remote pressure switch for bow hand operation.
      • Mount allows quick removal.
      Included in the system are:
      • Light and bracket.
      • 2-CR123A batteries.
      • Filters (red, blue and green).
      • Push button tail cap for other uses.
    • Extreme Multi Peep 3/16" Peep Sight System

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    • Kodiak Camera Breakup Black Out

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      • App available in App Store.
      • 12 MP CMOS Image Sensor.
      • 720p HD video recording with audio.
      • 40 IR Blackout/Invisible LEDs.
      • Built in LCD monitor.
      • Photo and video hybrid mode.
      • 8 AA (not included).
      • Breakup.
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