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T-handle Carbon Arrow Prep Tool

T-handle Carbon Arrow Prep Tool


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  • Preps an arrow shaft for installing points and inserts.
  • Cleans all regular sized .246-.247 ID carbon shafts.
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    • Youth 10 1/2" Armguard Red

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    • Lumenok Gt Red Nock

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      • .246 shafts
      • Gold Tip — Pro Hunter, XT Hunter, Expedition Hunter, Big Game 100+, Ted Nugent Signature, Velocity.
      • Vapor — Predator, Predator Pro, Hunter, Hunter Pro, Pro Black, Pro Whitetail, Whitetail, Carbonwood, Wayne Carlton Signature, Vapor Jets.
      • Activated by the force of arrow release.

      • Archer is able to follow arrow path.
      • Makes finding arrows much easier.
      • Saves time and cost.
      • Visible for great distances in the dark.
      • Has the ability to remain lit for 40 hours.

      Visit www.lumenok.net for more information.
    • Wc String 95 1/2" Standard

      • 8190 Xtreme is the strongest most advanced bowstring material ever produced.
      • Winners Choice now comes standard in 8190 Xtreme.
      • No serving separation, no string stretch, no peep rotation or creep.
      • Guaranteed for 1 year.
      • Weatherproof technology.
      • Grey / Green.
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