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T-handle Carbon Arrow Prep Tool

T-handle Carbon Arrow Prep Tool


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  • Preps an arrow shaft for installing points and inserts.
  • Cleans all regular sized .246-.247 ID carbon shafts.
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    • Cam Size Brass Nok Sets Medium

      • Soft plastic lining is permanently bonded to brass collar.
      • When closed onto string, it provides a positive, slip-proof nocking point.
      • Install with nocking pliers.
      • Now available in 3 sizes for different strand bowstrings.
      • For 10 to 12 strand string use target size: Blue.
      • For 14 and 16 strand strings use hunting size: Black.
      • For 18 plus strand string use cam size: Red.
    • Sims Fall Away Arrow Pad Black

      The self-adhesive arrow pad mounts easily to most bow risers to help keep your arrow aligned on your shelf.
    • Rinehart 18:1 Target

      • With 18 vivid target zones made from solid self-healing foam, it can take arrow after arrow without losing its shape or integrity.
      • Lightweight with easy to carry handle.
      • Use broadheads, field points or even expandables.
      • Guarantee for a full year.
      • 15" x 15".
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    • Wildlife Golden Scrape 4oz

      • Ultra premium doe urine with estrus secretions, combined with premium buck urine.
      • Special time release formula.
      • Enhanced with subtle tones of fresh scraped earth and territorial musk.
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      • Powerful fresh scrape smell.
    • Swift Vanes 2.25 Flo Orange

      • Quiet.
      • Tough.
      • Stable.
      • Vibration dampened.
      • Instant bonding.
      • No cleaning or prep.
      • Biscuit rest compatible.
    • Wc Buss Cable 34 3/4"

      • 8190 Xtreme is the strongest most advanced bowstring material ever produced.
      • Winners Choice now comes standard in 8190 Xtreme.
      • No serving separation, no string stretch, no peep rotation or creep.
      • Guaranteed for 1 year.
      • Weatherproof technology.
      • Grey / Green.
    • Extreme Xiiid Elite Scope 2x W/plain Verde Lens

      • Aggressive wire-frame housing for increased clarity in low lights.
      • Feather Visions Verde lens with superior Zeiss anti-reflective and hydrophobic coatings.
      • Unrivaled clarity and target definition.
      • Includes: .019" Fire Lite up-pin with fiber optic installed.
      • .019" Drill-thru lens with fiber optic installed or plain lens, no fiber.
      • Red center ring is recessed in housing for clearance and easy centering in peep.
      • Lens is set behind Fire Lite up-pin to magnify only the target image.
      • Bubble installed with 3rd axis level adjustment.
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