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Treestand Accessories


  • Braided Hoist 4mm

    • 25' length.
    • 50 lb. capacity.
    • Alum-Tech carabiner for quick gear attachment.
    • Convenient storage handle for tangle free use.
    • Diamond camo braided rope.
  • Sportsman Rubberwire

    • 25' length.
    • Cut to length with wire snips.
    • Easy to use.
    • Hundreds of uses.
    • Completely reusable for many uses.
    • Rust free coated wire.
    • No knots to tie, simply twist to secure. 
    • Full 25' length supports up to 40 lbs.


  • Hme Treestand Cable Lock 6'

    • Cable lock has a self-contained lock making it much easier to place around the tree and fasten.
    • 6' coiled cable is long enough to go around most trees and will help to protect your treestand and other valuables from being stolen.
    • Includes (2) keys.
  • Ezy Rod Tree Steps

    • 1-piece 1/2" steel rod construction.
    • EZY self-tapping screw.
    • Large area, 45º­ tip bend, and deep scoring for secure footing.
    • Place point of screw tip against a tree and begin turning clockwise.
    • Height: 4-3/8"
    • Width: 6-5/8"
    • Foot area: 4-1/8"
    • Screw length: 2-1/4"
    • Thread length: 1-7/8"
    • Weight: 8.2 oz
    • Ezy Climb Deluxe Tree Step

      • 1-piece step with folding screw.
      • Economical and simple.
      • Height: 3-5/16"
      • Width: 4-1/2"
      • Foot area: 4"
      • Screw length: 2-1/8"
      • Thread length: 1-1/2"
      • Weight: 5.7 oz
      • Tactical Solo Tree Hook

        • Oversized Silent-Grip quietly and securely holds your gear.
        • Carabiner thread protector clip-on and carry to store sharp threads.
        • Ultra sharp AugerTip threads easily into dense hardwoods.
        • Heavy duty capacity of 60 lbs.
      • Third Hand Kentucky 30' Bow Rope

      • No more blisters with the slip stopper.
      • No more tangles.
      • Rot resistant camo rope.
      • 5357
      • Claw Hanging Hooks

        • Universal fit - attach at virtually any angle and swivel in any direction. 
        • Premium straps are fully adjustable for all situations.
        • Deep U-shaped hook holds gear safely.
        • Heavy duty, 10 lb. capacity.
        • Easily hangs from backpack.
        • 2 pack.
      • Primos 30 Feet Pull Up Rope

        • Hoist your bow, gun or gear into your treestand with this stout 3/8" diameter, 30' long camo nylon rope.
        • Easily attaches and detaches with snap-hooks at both ends.

        OUT OF STOCK

      • Archery Hoist Rope 30'

        • 1/4" nylon hoist rope features a tough metal clip.
        • Ideal for retrieving bows, quivers, etc.
        • Length: 30'.

        OUT OF STOCK

      • Hme Hoist Rope W/hooks

        • This combo pack includes their 25' hoist rope and (2) single prong accessory hooks.
        • They also added an extra plastic clip for the hoist end.
        • This will allow the hunter the option of using the plastic clip when hoisting their bow.
      • Grizzly Step Up Tree Step

      • Heat treated for maximum strength.
      • Largest step available at 6".
      • Strength tested to 1250 lbs.
      • Sold by each.
      • 10400
      • Ol'man Black Pad Cover (discontinued - non-returnable)

        • Replacement foam pad cover for the Ol' Man Original straight bar and the Multi-Vision bar.
        • Fits all Ol' Man bar models.
        (discontinued - non-returnable)
      • Hme Heavy Duty Lift System (discontinued - non-returnable)

        • Provides the hunter with a 25' heavy duty tangle-free webbing strap with coated carabiner hook.
        • Webbing strap is fully adjustable in length by utilizing the formed screw-in hanger assembly.
        • Allows the hunter to adjust the length so their weapon, when hanging, will not touch the ground.
        (discontinued - non-returnable)
      • Step Up Tree Step

        • Self-tapping threaded point for easy installation.
        • Step area: 4"
        • Thread length: 2"
        • Sold by each.
      • Hme Gear & Hoist Rope 25'

        • The Pro Series Lift cord is 25' long and has a heavy duty metal clip at each end.
        • They also added an extra plastic clip for the hoist end.
        • This will allow the hunter the option of using the plastic clip when hoisting their bow.
      • Bow & Gun Holder

      • Rubber Coating:
      • Protects Equipment, Prevents Rust
      • Sharp threads easily screw into tree
      • 39301

        OUT OF STOCK



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