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* Bob Smith Instaset Accelerator 2 Oz.

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  • Speeds up the drying time on all cyanoacrylate glues.
  • Allows glues to set in only 6-8 seconds.
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  • Bohning Clamp Release Tape

    Apply tape clamps to prevent adhesive build-up.
  • V-force Gamer 300 Raw Shaft Nock Installed/insert Loose

    • Size: 300
    • Inserts: VFORCE RPS; included loose
    • Nock: Bohning Blazer Nock; installed
    • Points: Not included
    • Straightness: +/-0.003"
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Carbon
    • GPI: 9.7
    • Quantity: Dozen
  • Xfactor Bow Stand Black

    • Keeps bow in an upright position.
    • Fully adjustable.
    • Does not need to be removed from limb before shooting.
  • Kill Shot Bow Hanger/camera Mount (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Integrated into their limb stabilizers, this bow hanger also incorporates a Picatinny Rail for mounting multiple cameras as well as flashlights.
    • Turn it around to use as a second camera angle or use it to film your next hunt.
    • 3 oz.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Slick Trick Viper Trick Broadhead 125 Gr. 4 Pk.

    • Deep penetrating broadhead with cut on contact design. 
    • Offers all the advantages of a one-piece head, but with the ability to replace blades. 
    • Super steel ferrule.
    • Lutz blades.
    • Blade Thickness: .035Ã???????.
    • Cutting Diameter: 1-1/16Ã???????.
    • 125 grain.
    • 4 pack.
  • Scott Mini Advantage Release Gun Metal 3 Finger

    • The 3-finger Mini Advantage is built off the the original Advantage but in a lightweight, smaller package. 
    • Features a reduced handle size for smaller hands, stainless steel moon with click and an ergonomic tapered handle.
    • Grey.
  • Axcel Achieve Xp Metal Sight Tape Scale #27 And #28

    • These graduated sight tapes easily screw on to Axcel Achieve sights. 
    • Features easy to use and read sight scale and 2 sides to each scale giving you adjustability for speed.
  • Flex Fletch Ffp Vane White 3 In. 39 Pk.

    • Designed to withstand punishment from the elements and the rigors of competition shooting.
    • Flex Fletch vanes retain their form even after shots that pass through targets.
    • Provides flexibility that dampens arrow oscillation and increases accuracy.
  • Black Widow Hot-n-ready Synthetic Doe Estrus 3 Oz.

    • Black Widow's Hot-N-Ready Synthetic doe estrus smells as close to the real thing, deer can't tell the difference.
    • It's the next best thing other than the real thing.
    • This scent is great for when hunting in a state that does not allow for the use of real urine based products, but you still need want an edge luring that Big Buck out into the open for a shot.
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