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Drop Away Cords and Clamps

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October Mountain
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  • Hamskea Limb Clamp Assembly Kit 5/8 in.

    Fits split limb bows with a single limb measuring 5/8" in width
  • Hamskea Limb Clamp Assembly Kit Standard

    Fits most single limb bows as well as bridges across split limb bows while screwing down and tightening from the middle.
  • Hamskea Limb Clamp Assembly Kit Universal with EZ Guide

    Replacement limb clamp assembly kit for Hamskea Hybrid Target, Hybrid Hunter or Versa arrow rests. Designed to work with any model bow. Nonslip adhesive backed limb pad securely positions the limb cord to the limb. In-line dampening coil manages launcher bounce-back, eliminates cord stretch and acts as a shock absorber. Includes adjustable cord clamp which enables easy vertical tuning adjustments eliminating the need for tying knots. Standard on all Hybrid Series arrow rests.
  • Hamskea Limb Cord Attachment Bracket Mathews Only

    Hamskea Limb Cord Attachment Bracket is an easy to use system for attaching the activation cord of limb driven rests to a Mathews bow. Simply removing two screws and replacing the Mathews flat limb bracket plate with the Hamskea Limb Cord Attachment Bracket, it allows the ability to securely attach the cord for the limb driven rest without the need to apply an adhesive pad to the limb. The bracket is compatible with all limb driven rests and will mount to any Mathews or Mission bow with the press finger brackets on the end of the limb
  • Hamskea Rebound Dampener Black

    The Rebound Dampener helps to mitigate shock transferred from the limb to the rest during the shot and prevents wear that could eventually lead to failure. Made of durable dampening material, the Rebound Dampener absorbs shock to eliminate flutter, prevent cord stretch, and dampen the limb shock. The Rebound Dampener allows the cord to attach directly to the rest and limb eliminating any chance of failure in the field.
  • Hamskea Replacement Knobby Limb Pad 20 pk.

    Knobby limb pad with adhesive backing. Used to attach universal limb clamp to limb.
  • October Mountain Football Clip Black

    Allows for installation of drop-away arrow rests without the use of a bow press or serving.
  • QAD Cable Clamp Kit Black

    Universal cable clamp with 12 inch timing cord.
  • QAD Timing Cord Black

    Tight braid, no stretch timing cord. Pre-cut and burned for easy installation.
  • Ripcord Football Clamp Black

    Easy to attach football clip eliminating the need of serving. Designed to firmly secure rest cord to downward cable. No bow press required.



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