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30-06 String Snot Wax Counter Counter Display 48 Pk.

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  • Provides protection and prolongs string and cable life.
  • Increases performance and durability.
  • Rated at -25 degrees Fahrenheit.
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  • D-75 Small Loop Brown 16 Strand 47"

    • Manufactured with an exclusive procedure that reduces serving separations and overall stretch.
    • These strings have special small end loops and mono centers.
    • Designed to fit Hoyt, PSE, Bear/Jennings, Browning, Darton, Golden Eagle, High Country and Martin.
  • A/c/c 1 Pc Target Point 85gr (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • The ex-light and light points give a good shaft balance when used with smaller and lighter nock and fletching combinations.
    • Includes Easton hot melt.
    • Fits 39 shafts.
    • 85 grains.
    • Dozen packs.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Cbe Affect Stabilizer

    • The Affect stabilizer features a 6? compact design constructed of high mod lightweight carbon.
    • Designed to steady your bow while aiming.
    • Reduces movement while aiming resulting in improved accuracy.
    • Includes (2) 1 oz steel weights.
  • Axcel Accutouch Plus Hd Sight Av-41 1 Pin .019 Rh/lh

    • Single pin adjustable sight features Accu-Click system which allows the shooter to set ?clicks? at desired distances and fixed bracket with Harmonic Damper.
    • As the sight elevation is adjusted, it will stop at those specified distances.
    • A 45 degree facing sight tape makes it easier for the shooter to see where the yardage indicator is set.
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments can be made without the use of shims.
    • Micro adjust windage is locked into place until the Windage Lock Button is disengaged.
    • Includes Axcel AccuView Scope with Fire Pin, Crosshair Insert, and adjustable rheostat.
    • Available in 31mm or 41mm scope diameters.
  • Axion Limb Damper-rubber Mount Lost Xd Large

    • Reduce noise and vibration generated by bows and crossbows resulting in a more accurate and quiet shot.
    • For split limb bows.
    • Includes (1) Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite. 
    • Small size fits 5/8"-3/4" split limb gap and large fits 3/4" to 1" split limb gap.
  • Bcy 452x Bowstring Material Tan/black 1/4 Lb.

    • High performance bow string material offers good arrow speed with complete stability.
    • Will not creep.
    • 20-24 strands recommended for compound bows.
  • Saunders Field Points 9/32 In. 85 Gr. 100 Pk.

    Screw-in style field point designed for practice and target use.
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