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  • 30-06 Blood Bath Broadhead 100gr. 3 Pk.

    • The BloodBath Mechanical Broadhead features a spear-style main blade with 13/16" wide cut.
    • Secondary serrated blades deploy for an additional 2" of cutting.
    • Broadhead closed is 5/8" wide.
    • Blades are 420 Stainless steel.
  • 30-06 Main Artery Broadhead 100gr. 3 Pk.

    • The Main Artery Broadhead boasts both precision and piercing power with its 1-1/8 cutting diameter and 420 stainless steel blades.
    • This broadhead also features a chisel point and collar with an aircraft aluminum ferrule.
  • Rage Chisel 3 Blade 1.6" Cut 100gr Broadhead W/sc Technology

    • Anodized aluminum ferrule with newly designed steel chisel tip.
    • 100 grains, 3 blade, 1.6" cutting diameter. 
    • Sweptback blade angle.
    • .035? blade thickness.
    • 3-blade specific shock collar.
    • Includes free practice head.
    • Quantity: 3 pack
  • Rage Chisel X 1.6" Cut 100gr Broadhead

    • Anodized aluminum ferrule with steel chisel tip.
    • 100 grain,3 blade, 1.6" cutting diameter.
    • Sweptback blade angle.
    • .035? blade thickness.
    • 3-blade specific shock collar.
    • Includes free practice head.
    • Quantity: 3 Pack
  • Rage Hypodermic Nc Broadheads 100 Gr. 3 Pk.

    • The Rage Hypodermic NC Broadheads feature Hybrid Hypodermic tip, machined stainless steel ferrule.
    • .035? thick blades. 
    • 2? cutting diameter.
    • No Collar Blade Lock.
  • Rage Trypan Crossbow Broadheads 150 Gr. Steel

    • The Rage Hypodermic Trypan Crossbow features a needle-like, streamlined steel ferrule and 2-inch cutting diameter, that creates an oversized slap-cut entry hole.
    • The Trypan Crossbow?s .039-inch-thick razor sharp stainless steel blades slide into a sweptback blade-angle configuration, and deploy to a monsterous 2-inch cutting diameter.
    • The broadhead has just a 3/4-inch diameter profile in-flight.
    • The Trypan specific Shock Collars provide exceptional blade retention and consistent, reliable blade deployment.
  • Rage Xtreme Turkey 2.3" Cut 100gr Broadhead

    • Anodized aluminum ferrule with Meat Hook cut-on-contact tip.
    • 100 grain, 2 blade, 2.125" x .75" cutting diameter.
    • Sweptback blade design.
    • .035? blade thickness.
    • Extreme series shock collar.
    • Quantity: 2 pack.



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