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Calls - Duck-Geese

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  • Deadend U-turn 1 Single Reed Timber Duck Call (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • These calls are available in both single reed and double reed.
    • They are also available in either timber or open water styles.
    • These duck calls have a polyacrylic barrel and a polycarbonate insert.
    • They each produce a very nasally sound.
    • The timber style calls are for calling ducks in tight timber environments and finish them off by bringing them down a dead end flyway.
    • The open water style calls produces a larger volume to grab a ducks attention at a long distance.
    • These are designed to require a small amount of air to get a true duck sound.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Flambeau D2d Goose Call

  • Flambeau Long Honker Goose Call

  • Flambeau Sruttgart Megaphone Duck Call

  • Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle

    • Flextone's flexible body allows callers to squeeze the end and change tones to produce natural sounds.
    • Pintails, widgeon, teal, mallard drake, quail, and hawk.
  • Flextone R/t Canada Goose

    • Features innovative design which makes it easy to master a full range of natural sounding goose calls.
    • The flexible bell means improved control of tone, volume and back pressure, allowing the user to produce the sounds of multiple geese and double cluck with ease.
  • Flextone Wily Mallard Double Reed Call (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Double reed for forgiving, easy calling.
    • Classic aluminum band for custom look.
    • Smaller inner tube for easier control.
    • Requires less air for longer blowing.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Flextone Wood Duck

    • By squeezing, bending and releasing this duck call's soft body, you can produce a full range of vocalizations.
    • Mix up the sequences to achieve the flying squeal, the water whine or any sound in between.
  • Haydel Canada Honker (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Produces deep guttural tones.
    • Has excellent cluck and crying comeback call.
    • Very popular with Maryland's eastern shore guides as a tool of the trade because it is impervious to moisture and easy to blow.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Lmc Black Magic Goose Call Mossy Oak Shadow Grass (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Designed with a shorter and tighter bore than the Honker Hanger.
    • This Goose Call gives you more built-in back pressure to achieve those clear and powerful clucks.
    • Designed to deliver that goosey sound to put a spell on those tough, educated birds. 
    • Injection molded acrylic.
    • Molded acrylic material delivers a crisp, clear tone.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Lmc Dod Duck Calll Ivory

    • The D.O.D. is an ergonomically designed double reed duck call featuring a precision CNC machined acrylic barrel and a stick free soundboard.
    • Produces a full range of sounds.
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  • Lmc Honker Hanger Goose Call Mossy Oak Shadow Grass

    • This Canada Goose molded acrylic call is designed with a larger bore barrel for bigger geese.
    • More mid-tone to deep goose.
    • Less air with fuller and hollow sound.
  • Lmc The Executioner Goose Call Radioactive (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • The Executioner goose call an opened insert for volume and semi broke in Blood Guts.
    • The tapered bore provides speed and volume.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Lmc The Game Over Goose Call Stealth Black (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • The Game Over is an easy to use deep goose call.
    • Features an open barrel and insert for extra volume and semi broke in Blood Guts.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Primos "timber Wench" Mallard (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Ridges and ditches on the sounding board keep the call from sticking or freezing while giving the call its raspy highs and lows.
    • Super hard polycarbonate barrel for intense volume.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Primos 5 Call Lanyard (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Holds (5) calls.
    • Has (1) split ring.
    • Calls not included.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Primos Canada Goose Flute

    • Unique flex-end hose creates automatic back pressure making it the easiest flute to blow.
    • Reed system allows you to take call apart and reassemble with perfect retuning every time.
  • Primos Classic Wood Duck Call

    • Sounds like wood ducks in flight or sitting on the water.
    • High quality hardwood barrel gives you rich tones that wood ducks can't resist.
  • Primos Dove Call (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • Easy to use.
    • Used to entice doves closer for the perfect shot.
    • To recreate sounds of the different species of doves, vary the rhythm according to the species of doves you are trying to call.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Primos Original Wench Duck (discontinued - non-returnable)

    • A double reed mallard call made of internal graphite parts for the highest composite conductor of sound.
    • Fixed floating wedge guides and notched reeds for perfect reassembly after cleaning.
    • Unique ridges and ditches make it impervious to sticking.
    (discontinued - non-returnable)
  • Primos Pro Mallard Call

    • Easy blowing single reed duck call.
    • The tuning hold in the bell lets you change tone and pitch.



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