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  • Primos #102 Limb Hanger

    • Gets its name from a real trophy gobbler.
    • When a gobbler is harvested with long curved spurs, some hook the spurs on a tree limb to see if he will hang... a limb hanger.
  • Primos #108 True Double

    • Staggered reeds do not touch, enabling them to vibrate independently.
    • Produces sweet hen yelps, or make longer, coarser notes to produce the gobbler's cluck and yelp.
  • Primos #109 True Triple Call

    • As with the True Double, the reeds do not touch and are staggered.
    • There are (3) frames allowing (3) reeds to work independently for producing raspy hen yelps to coarse old gobbler yelps.
    • The True Triple is thicker than most mouth calls.
  • Primos #110 True Double Ii

    • Primos added a second, shorter reed to the bottom frame.
    • This yelper produces turkey talk with a pitch and rasp that they are really excited about.
  • Primos #111 Cuttin' Hen

    • Features a unique design with (3) ultra thin reeds and a precise half moon cut in the top reed.
    • Produces excited cuttin' no other can match.
  • Primos #115 Deadly Double

    • Part of the original series which means its reeds are made from a super thin prophylactic material.
    • This stacked double frame call is built with one ultra thin latex reed in the top frame and one super thin prophylactic reed in the bottom.
    • These reeds are separated by 1/16".
    • Will do it all from raspy yelps & clucks to excited cuts & cackles.
  • Primos #628 Box Call Chalk

    • A must accessory for hen and jake yelpers, for the cedar side of the strikers, hen and gobbler boxes and the spring hen.
    • Fills the pores of the wood and adds friction.
    • (4) pieces of chalk and plastic carrying case.
  • Primos Bombshell Push/pull Hen Call

    • Automatically reproduces yelps, cuts, and purrs by simply pushing or tapping the rail.
    • Spring-style turkey call.
    • Attaches to gun for easy 1-handed operation.
    • Can be tuned for higher or raspier pitch.
    • Includes 12" pull cord & velcro strap.
  • Primos Camo Series Mouth Call Mossy Oak Bottomlands Original

    • Exclusive offering of Mossy Oak Branded camo tap on a mouth call. 
    • Features three latex reeds, medium to high range volume and crisp precise yelps.
    • Best call for your high pitch kee-kee runs and whistles. 
    • Great for soft tree yelps.
  • Primos Camo Series Mouth Call Nwtf Obsession

    • Bat cut mouth call features 3 prophylactic reeds.
    • Produces medium to soft range volume, raspy yelps and awesome purrs.
  • Primos Clearcut Woodgrain Box Turkey Call

    • Clear and crisp hen cuts and clucks are no problem for the Primos Clear Cutter Box Call.
    • Allowing your thumb to rest in the groove to act as a spring with slight paddle resistance, simply slap the edge of the paddle to produce the sounds a gobbler can’t resist.
    • For yelps that start high and roll off to a raspy low finish, just pull the easy to work paddle over the pre-tuned box.
  • Primos Custom Striker Cuttin And Kee Kee 2 Pk.

    Improve your calling sounds with specialized custom strikers. Kee-Kee striker reproduces the kee-kee run call and is also a great all around striker.
    Cuttin’ striker specializes in breaking into the sharp notes of a cutting hen.
  • Primos Diamond Cutter Zoom

    • Crisp, clean 100% turkey.
    • From soft purrs to aggressive loud cutting.
  • Primos Hensanity Pot Call

    • The Hensanity Tone Control Pot Call makes it easy for you to give those Gobblers an infinite array of fresh, authentic tones and volumes every time out.
    • It puts infinite control of clucks, purrs, and yelps right in your hands. 
    • Tone holes allow infinite range in controlling sound, desirable frictionite surface, and exotic hardwood pot.
  • Primos Hensanity Slate Turkey Call

    • The Hensanity is designed to give you tone control in all your yelps, clucks, cuts, and purrs.
    • Molded with tone ports, simply cover or uncover to dial in the exact tone and volume you are looking for.
    • Change it up to sound like multiple hens in a group or to find the exact sound that gobbler responds to.
    • Pennsylvania slate surface is very responsive to all calling.
  • Primos Hook Hunter Ghost Cut

    (2) latex reeds.
  • Primos Hook Hunter Mouth Call

    Includes (1) 2" Hook and (1) Sharp Hook.
  • Primos Hook Hunter Sharp Hook

    (2) latex reeds.
  • Primos Hook Hunter Turkey Call Curved Hooks

    • Produces incredibly real and unique pitches that even the wisest old tom can't resist.
    • Custom designed 2 reed with a Crew Cut.
  • Primos Hook Up Magnetic Box Call

    • The Hook Up box call is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it.
    • The ultra strong magnet holds the paddle at the perfect angle for crisp cuts, smooth purrs and soft to loud yelps.
    • When used with the enclosed Gobble Band, the Hook Up produces some of the most realistic gobbles made.
    • The detachable paddle can also be removed for silent carry.
  • Primos Power Crystal

    • A super hard surface creating calls that peak at 15,000 Hz.
    • Comes with hardwood striker, conditioning pad and super abrasive sandpaper.
  • Primos Rare Breed Glass Turkey Call

    • Primos Rare Breed features a comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand while working a bird.
    • Outer edges of the call produce higher yelps, cuts, and clucks while lower and deeper tones can be made towards the middle.
    • Play loud or soft, whichever fits your needs.
    • Solid one-piece striker and abrasive pad included.
  • Primos Rare Breed Slate Turkey Call

    • Primos Rare Breed features a comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand while working a bird.
    • Outer edges of the call produce higher yelps, cuts, and clucks while lower and deeper tones can be made towards the middle.
    • Play loud or soft, whichever fits your needs.
    • Solid one-piece striker and abrasive pad included.
  • Primos Revival Woodgrain Box Turkey Call

    • The Primos Revival is a long box that can be run loud or soft for prospecting or finishing a bird that last little bit.
    • Loud high pitch long yelps and cuts for prospecting and locating birds is easy with the long paddle and trough.
    • Also, use to finish off a bird with soft yelps or purrs.
  • Primos Snuff Tube Mossy Oak Bottomlands

    • The Snuff Tube Turkey Call is one of the most versatile of all turkey calls.
    • Clucks, cuts, yelps, and gobbles can all be made from one call.
    • The molded tube and reed ensures perfect fit and reed tension for making all the sounds you need in the woods.
    • Comes with an extra reed.
  • Primos The Can Family Pack 3 Pk.

    Comes with The Original Can, The Lil' Can and The Great Big Can to produce a wide variety of deer calls with easy one-hand operation.
  • Primos The Gobbler Shaker Call

    • Super loud and easy.
    • The silencer cap eliminates unwanted sounds while moving through the woods.
    • 1 or 2-handed operation.
    • Great gobbler locator.
  • Primos Triple Seven Striker

    • Reacts on slate or glass with unmatched precision.
    • An all around striker that produces awesome cuts, purrs and kee-kee runs.
    • Crafted from a single piece of laminated hardwood.
  • Primos Waterboard Woodgrain Box Turkey Call

    • With each side producing different tones, you can replicate the sounds of multiple hens cuts, clucks, purrs, or yelps.
    • The mahogany box and canary paddle is a great combination for great calls.
    • Works wet or dry.



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