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  • Woodhaven Acrylic Striker

    The Woodhaven Acrylic Turkey Call Striker can produce excellent purrs and clucks when used with a friction call.
  • Woodhaven Black Death 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • Includes the Black Wasp, Black Venom, and the Black Hornet.  
    • These diaphragm calls offer superior tone control.  
    • From those soft early AM yelps, to the hard cutting of wild turkey hens.
    • Handmade and hand stretched.
  • Woodhaven Black Hornet Mouth Call

    • WoodHaven used their yellow latex and added a third layer using their black latex giving this call its own very unique tone and sound. 
    • This call is capable of calling both loud and soft while producing great yelps, cuts, clucks, and purrs.
  • Woodhaven Black Venom Mouth Call

    • Features a copperhead cut with new side cuts in the orange latex top reed. 
    • The orange latex top reed combined with a prophylactic reed and a bottom reed of gray latex makes for one of the most versatile diaphragm calls yet. 
    • Soft, nasal greeting yelps and contented purrs and clucks flow easily with light air pressure; but turn raspy and demanding with increased air.
  • Woodhaven Black Wasp Mouth

    • A top reed of red latex and a middle reed of prophylactic. 
    • More rasp, volume, and overall backbone.
    • Produces great cutts and yelps, as well as soft clucks and purrs.
  • Woodhaven Blue Demon Mouth Call

    • WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s Blue Demon is a 2.5 reed diaphragm call.
    • This easy to blow, 2.5 reed call features a ghost cut in the top reed for great kee-kee and hen yelp sounds without a lot of work.
    • The Blue Demon is a versatile call for hardcore turkey hunters.
  • Woodhaven Box Call Clip

    • WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s Box Call CuttÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????n Clip helps you locate the sweet spot on your favorite turkey box call and lock into that spot for consistent, repeatable yelping and cutting.
    • The box call clip is made of a flexible polymer material that features a spring-action finger to run the box call lid against as a reference point. 
    • Simply slide the box call clip along different points of your box call until you find the spot where your call yelps and cutts with the most consistency and with the pitch you want.
    • Universal design works with almost any 2-sided box call.
  • Woodhaven Cherry Classic Cryst

    • The most versatile of the series, the Cherry Classic Crystal is easy to use. 
    • It has a range of sound from the highest and sweetest notes on the front to a raspy absolute drop off across the shelf.
    • The hard biting 2-note yelps and cutts are remarkable on this call.
    Comes with the following:
    • Surface Conditioning Kit.
    • Surface Saver Lid.
    • (2) hand matched strikers.
  • Woodhaven Cherry Classic Slate

    • Combining the best Pennsylvania slate with the cherry sound chamber is the result of a slate call with a sound that is unequaled. 
    • Long, high front breaks off to a sweet rasp and tones down to quiet yelps, clucks and purrs.
    Comes with the following:
    • Surface Conditioning Kit.
    • Surface Saver Lid.
    • (2) hand matched strikers.
  • Woodhaven Classic V3 Call

    • The Classic V3 is known for its very raspy tone. 
    • (2) clear bottom reeds and (1) top V-cut green reed.
  • Woodhaven Classicj V3 Mouth Call

    • WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s Classic V3 is a truly masterful call.
    • The Classic V3 is known for its very raspy tone.
    • Two clear bottom reeds and one top V-cut green reed.
    This product Is temporarily out of stock. However, you can Backorder it to Lock in this Sale Price.
    Backorder This item now! Sale ends soon.
    Due in Stock: In a couple of months
  • Woodhaven Clucknpurr Pot

    • The revolutionary (2) pot system creates a baffled air chamber that produces some of the most realistic, throaty tones.
    • Comes with (2) hand matched strikers.
  • Woodhaven Copper Head Ii Mouth Call

    WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s CopperHead II diaphragm call features a special yellow latex combination with a Ã??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????snake tongue combo cutÃ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? making it great for raspy yelps, excited cutting, hard or soft clucks, and hitting the high notes.
  • Woodhaven Copper Head Mouth

    • A 3-reed call that features (1) reed of orange, silky textured latex with a snake tongue cut, over (2) clear reeds. 
    • Best for hard cutting and cackles, and raspy yelps.
  • Woodhaven Cut/cackle Striker

    • The Woodhaven Cut and Crackle Turkey Call Striker has a hard 5/16 inch oak dowel striker reaches high pitch good yelps and great clucks. 
    • Perfect for beginners and advanced turkey callers.
  • Woodhaven Ghost 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • These 2.5-reed calls are perfect for great kee-kees and hen yelp sounds, as well as sharp cutts and cackles.
    • Includes the Toxic Orange, Blue Demon, and Red Ghost.
    • Each have a centered square cut in the top reed.
    • Handmade and hand stretched.
  • Woodhaven Legend Glass

    • The Legend Glass by WoodHaven is designed to give you the best sound quality available from a glass call.
    • The Legend Glass delivers 100 percent hen turkey sounds in true double note yelps and realistic clucks, cutts and purrs.
    • Comes complete with two matched strikers, a surface saver lid, and a conditioning kit.
  • Woodhaven Legend Slate

    • Slate gives you the sweetest double note yelps and the softest, most realistic purr and cluck.
    • The Legend Slate is of the highest grade slate and is sanded to the precise thickness and hand set in the walnut cup for the most realistic raspy, sounding slate call available.
  • Woodhaven Ninja 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • Includes the Ninja Ghost, Ninja V, and the Ninja Venom.
    • These diaphragm calls offer a very light feel with tons of backbone.
    • From those soft early morning tree calls, to the hard cutting and yelping of wild turkey hens.
    • Handmade and hand stretched.
  • Woodhaven Ninja Ghost Mouth Call

    • A 3-reed call - top green reed over (2) prophylactic reeds. 
    • This call breaks from a good, high front end yelp into a throaty rasp which delivers crisp yelps, clucks and kee-kees.
  • Woodhaven Ninja V Mouth Call

    • A 3-reed call - top green reed over (2) prophylactic reeds designed with their tried and true classic V-cut.   
    • This call offers a very crisp, raspy tone which is perfect in producing those loud cutts and yelps of a hen turkey, as well as soft clucks and purrs.
  • Woodhaven Ninja Venom Mouth Call

    • A 3-reed call - top green reed over (2) prophylactic reeds.
    • When yelping, you can easily transition from the clear front note to the nasally, raspy back end of a yelp.
    • Sounds from hard, crisp cutting to soft clucking, purring, and whining.
  • Woodhaven Raspy Red Reactor Mouth

    • A 3-reed call with a thin top yellow reed and (2) clear bottom reeds.
    • Delivers smooth, soft calls with little effort, as well as cutts and cackles with backbone, and a smooth front on raspy yelp.
  • Woodhaven Real Hen Cherry

    • Features a 1-piece cherry trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid. 
    • Sends out the most realistic two tone raspy yelps. 
    • Great call for clucks, cutts, and cackles. 
    • Each Real Hen comes chalked and ready to call in the olÃ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? gobbler.
  • Woodhaven Real Hen Walnut

    • This box call is great for deep raspy yelps, as well as cutts and cackles that are unmatched for realism.
    • Features a one piece walnut trough style box with a matched Brazilian cherry lid.
    This product Is temporarily out of stock. However, you can Backorder it to Lock in this Sale Price.
    Backorder This item now! Sale ends soon.
    Due in Stock: In a couple of months
  • Woodhaven Red Scorpion Mouth Call

    • WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s Red Scorpion is a 3 reed call with red latex as a top reed, clear latex as a middle reed, and black latex as a bottom reed.
    • With the combo cut called Ã??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ScorpionÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, the rasp of a V cut, and the mellowness of the side wing gone creates the perfect balance and harmony in this great all around call.
  • Woodhaven Red Wasp Mouth

    • A 3-reed call made up of a red latex top reed and (2) straight prophylactic reeds. 
    • Produces a sweet, nasal, young hen tone. 
    • When pushed for cutting and loud yelping, it breaks over to a nasty, raspy tone.
  • Woodhaven Single Mouth Call Toxic Orance

    • This 2.5-reed call features a ghost cut in the top reed for easier kee-kee runs and great hen sound. 
    • Made with premium tape and an adhesive lined locking frame.
  • Woodhaven Small Frame 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • Series of 2-reed calls.
    • Mini Red Scorpion - Red latex over (1) prophylactic reed.
    • Great all around call for yelping, cutting, kees and clucks-n-purrs.
    • Mini Yellow Ghost - Yellow latex over (1) prophylactic latex.
    • Sweet kees and mellow yelps with a touch of raspiness.
    • Mini Green V - The 2-reed call is designed with the standard "V" cut in the green latex top reed combined with one clear latex reed.
    • Super raspy and a good all around call for cutting, cacking and clucks n' purrs.
  • Woodhaven Striker 3 Birch Flat Tip

    • For yelping, bell tips are more forgiving of striker angle.
    • Under extreme pressure and heat, layers of wood are joined then precision turned to exact specs. 
    • The result is the fastest, raspiest, most consistent striker to ever run your slate, glass or aluminum calls.
    This product Is temporarily out of stock. However, you can Backorder it to Lock in this Sale Price.
    Backorder This item now! Sale ends soon.
    Due in Stock: In a couple of months
  • Woodhaven Surface Saver 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s Surface Saver Lid 3 Pack contains three different colored lids: beige, gray, and camo green.
    • Help identify your calls easier with different Surface Saver Lids while also protecting your call surfaces.
  • Woodhaven Swarm Mouth Call Holder

    • A convenient holder for your mouth calls to keep them dry and safe. 
    • Holds up to (6) mouth calls.
  • Woodhaven The Carbon Crystal

    • The Carbon Crystal by WoodHaven is made of American walnut with a pure-crystal calling surface and a carbon-fiber resonator for a more authentic hen sound.
    • Carbon-fiber resonator isnÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t damaged from temperature or moisture.
    • The Carbon Crystal comes with three strikers laminated flare-tip, hardwood, and cutt and cackle conditioning stone, and surface-saver lid.
  • Woodhaven The Ninja Aluminum Slate Call

    • The Anodized Ninja pot call has all the great attributes of a great friction call Woodhaven customers have come to expect.
    • The Anodized Ninja is built with a YellowHeart pot with a treated black anodized aluminum surface which is extremely user friendly.
    • This Anodized Ninja is designed to call soft, but also has the ability to get extremely loud.
    • The Anodized Ninja has the ability to produce high-pitched yelps and cutts to really reach out and cover a lot of ground when calling.
    • The Anodized Ninja comes with the Ninja Stick striker as well as a hickory striker.
  • Woodhaven The Ninja Crystal Slate Call

    • The Ninja Crystal is built into a walnut pot with a YellowHeart soundboard which offers a very true to life turkey sound.
    • This call comes with two hand-matched strikers, one being Ninja Stick and the other being hickory that will offer each hunter the ability to sound like two different hens.
    • The Ninja Crystal produces great two-tone yelps as well as great cutts, cackles, and purrs.
    • This call affords you the ability to call both loud and soft.
  • Woodhaven The Ninja Hammer Mouth Call

    • The Ninja Hammer by WoodHaven Custom Calls is a 3 reed call (top green over two proph reeds).
    • The Ninja Hammer is designed with a brand new cut that offers a very unique turkey sound.
    • This call will produce those raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as, those high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turkey.
    • The Ninja Green latex is very user friendly to blow while still offering lots of backbone in the call.
    • From hard, crisp cutting, yelping, and whistling to those soft clucks, purrs, and whines the Ninja Hammer offers todayÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s turkey hunter its very own unique sound.
  • Woodhaven The Ninja Hen Box Call

    • The Ninja Hen consists of a walnut bottom in conjunction with a matched YellowHeart lid that is pure turkey.
    • The Ninja Hen produces great two tone yelps as well as sharp, crisp cutts and cackles.
    • This call has the ability to call both loud and soft.
    • The Ninja Hen comes chalked and ready for action.
  • Woodhaven The Ninja Stick Striker

    • Made of Yellowheart and Walnut.
    • This stick has totally different tones and pitches and it is running great on all of Woodhaven's friction calls.
  • Woodhaven The Real Owl Call

    The Real Owl, designed with a custom wood barrel and then hand tuned with proper reed and mouth pieces, produces very realistic 8-note owls sounds as well as the laughs of a barred owl.
  • Woodhaven The Red Zone 3 Pack Mouth Call

    • This series of 3 reed calls feature the famous WoodHaven red latex in combination with a .003 clear reed and a .003 black reed on bottom and has proven to create some new dimensions in sound quality as far as smoothness and sweetness in mouth calls today.
    • Includes Red Vyper, Red Ghost and Red Scorpion.
  • Woodhaven Tkm 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    The TKM includes Red Wasp, Copperhead and Copperhead II.
  • Woodhaven Top 3 Propack Mouth Call

    The Top 3 Pro Pack includes the Classic V3, Scorpion and Hornet.
  • Woodhaven Vision Aluminum Call

    • The Vision Aluminum friction call features an American cherry cup and a powder coated anodized aluminum surface.
    • Includes two strikers, conditioning kit and a surface saver lid.
  • Woodhaven Vision Crystal Slate Call

    • American-walnut cup construction lets you have a comfortable, firm grip.
    • Heat-fused pure-crystal calling surface over glass resonator.
    • Includes two 5/16" strikers, conditioning kit and surface-saver lid.
  • Woodhaven Wasp Nest 3 Pack Mouth Calls

    • A series of WoodHavenÃ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s (3) wasp type diaphragm turkey calls, each with a v-cut.
    • Includes the Wasp, Red Wasp, and the Black Wasp.
    • Perfect for cutting, raspy yelping, as well as early morning throaty nasal sounds.
    • Handmade and hand stretched.
  • Woodhaven Yellow Venom Mouth

    • A 3-reed call with a thin top red reed and (2) clear bottom reeds.
    • Easy to control and allows sweet sound as well as rasp.
    • Any skill level can produce reliable turkey tones. 
    • Hard cutting to soft clucking, purring, and whining.



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