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  • Dinner Belle Hen Turkey Decoy

    • The Dinner Belle is a must have decoy for any turkey hunter.
    • The natural, reassuring feeding pose of the Dinner Belle adds confidence to incoming birds and with its lightweight and compact size, you can easily carry multiple decoys with you to deploy the right setup for any hunt during the spring and fall.
    • With HD photography, the Dinner Belle captures the pattern, contrast and color of a real hen and is sure to lure even the warist toms into gun range.
    • Weight: 8 oz. (with pole).
    • Unfolded: 29" x 10".
    • Folded: 9" x 6".
  • Fanatic Turkey Decoy

    • The life-like size and photographic realism creates an appearance that's sure to rile up any gobbler that sees it.
    • With the attached stake, push into the ground within seconds for a quick setup or use it to stalk a hung-up bird while peering through the mesh window.
    • See-through window for total concealment.
    • Sewn-in foldable stake can be used as a stalking handle.
    • Weight: 12 oz.
    • Unfolded: 29" x 29".
    • Folded: 11" x 11".
  • Miss Purr-fect 3d Hen Turkey Decoy

    • Lightweight, sets up in seconds.
    • Thanks to Perfect Pose technology this is the only 3D hen decoy you will ever need.
    • Folds up to fit in your vest.
    • This spring, toms will be lining up to meet Miss Puur-fect.
    • Weight: 1 lb 6 oz, including poles.
    • Unfolded dimensions: 9" x 35".
    • Folded dimensions: 9" x 13".
  • Montana Decoy Antelope Buck

    • There is no better animal to hunt with a decoy than an antelope buck. 
    • Flash the Antelope Buck decoy to a rutting pronghorn and get ready for an exciting encounter. 
    • The antelope rut is short and bucks have little time to tolerate challengers of their harems. 
    • You have little time to close the deal on the buck of your dreams. 
    • Make the most of this short window with the ultra-portable Antelope Buck decoy. 
    • Folds flat to a compact size of 13? x 10? and pops up to full size in seconds. 
    • HD photo realism catches the eyes of possessive rut crazed bucks.
  • Montana Decoy Antelope Combo (discontinued - non-returnable)

  • Montana Decoy Antelope Fawn

  • Montana Decoy Archer's Choice Plot Pack

    • Developed by Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo the Archer's Choice Plot Pack combines motion and versatility in way never seen before. 
    • The lightweight, very realistic decoy pack is the perfect tool for an avid whitetail hunter. 
    • Designed to be used throughout the whitetail season, simply adjust based on what the local deer are doing.
    • Comes with both Buck and Doe.
  • Montana Decoy Dreamteam Combo Buck/dreamy Doe Decoy

    • Gives hunters a decoy system to use throughout the entire season. 
    • Buck and doe combination provides endless setup options. 
    • Both decoys fold flat and fit easily in your pack. 
    • Can be used together or separately. 
    • Doe Dimensions: 37" x 40" (unfolded), 13" x 16" (folded).
    • Buck Dimensions: 37" x 48" (unfolded), 20" x 18" (folded).
  • Montana Decoy Eichler Elk Decoy

    • Portable full-body elk decoy that folds up to fit in your pack. 
    • Sets up quickly with poles or string and clip hanging system. 
    • Head on cow elk visual pulls bulls in close. 
    • Dimensions: 47" x 30" (unfolded), 19" x 12" (folded).
  • Montana Decoy Elk Decoy Rocky Mountain Foundation

    • Partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Montana Decoy developed this cow elk decoy that features the most detail and definition in an elk decoy. 
    • The larger size allows for better visibility to approaching elk. 
    • Weighs 2 lbs. 10 oz. 
    • Measures 48? x 50? (unfolded) and 17? x 15? (folded).
  • Montana Decoy Moose Ii Decoy

    • Listening to moose hunters and outfitters, at their request this moose hunting decoy has a darker body and a different pose. 
    • Folds to a compact size of 23? x 13? and pops up to full size in seconds. 
    • Light enough to carry on boats or up mountains as you hunt for moose. 
    • Realistic HD printed fabric provides a visual aid when calling moose.
  • Montana Decoy Song Dog Coyote Decoy

  • Montana Decoy The Freshman Buck Decoy

    • Mimics a young buck with a big attitude. 
    • Displays an aggressive posture with its ears back. 
    • Works great by itself or with a doe decoy. 
    • Dimensions: 37? x 48? (unfolded), 13? x 20? (folded).
  • Montana Wiley Tom Decoy Turkey Decoy

    • The Wiley Tom is the most advanced, versatile and easy to use reaping decoy ever created.
    • You can use it with or without real tail and wing feathers or deploy it hand-held or with the ground stake.
  • Purr-fect Pair Turkey Decoys

    • In the peak of mating system into late spring, place Miss Purr-Fect in the position with Jake Purr-Fect behind her, will get any gobbler looking for one last hen to come running.
    • Life-like feather cuts for natural movement.
    • Perfect Pose Technology.
    • Weight: 2 lbs 11 oz.
    • Unfolded: 34".
    • Folded: 9" x 13" (2).
  • Spring Fling Hen Turkey Decoy

    • Successful hunters know what toms are looking for in the spring woods and now it's easier than ever to give it to them.
    • The Spring Fling - using a photo taken of a hen just before she was bred - is as real as it gets.
    • Used alone or along side one of Montana's Decoy toms, the charismatic and suggestive pose of this breeding hen decoy sends an invitation no tom can turn down.
    • Weight: 8 oz.(with pole).
    • Unfolded: 31" x 9".
    • Folded: 10" x 6".



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