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  • * Browning Blackout 3v Usb Rechargeable Flashlight

    • Dual Fuel design uses either a USB rechargeable 16340 Li-ion battery or a disposable CR123A battery, high/medium/low modes, waterproof with compact aluminum body construction.
    • Brightness 700 lumens.
    • Effective distance 215 yards.
  • * Browning Buckmark Cap Light Black

    • Offers a 13 lumen white LED and 6 lumen green LED with an effective distance of 10-20 yards.
    • Features locking push button switch.
    • Operates on (2) 2016 coin cell batteries (included).
  • * Browning Nightseeker 2 Cap Light Black

    • Clip on cap light with two white LEDs (19 lumens) and two green LEDs for stealth.
    • Runs up to 10 hours on white LEDs and 48 hours on green LEDs. 
    • Operates on (2) 2032 lithium batteries (included).
    This product Is temporarily out of stock. However, you can Backorder it to Lock in this Sale Price.
    Backorder This item now! Sale ends soon.
    Due in Stock: October 30, 2019
  • * Browning Nightseeker 2 Usb Rechargeable Caplight

    • The Night Seeker 2 Rechargeable Cap Light has a brightness of 11 to 21 lumens and an effective distance of 20 to 25 yards depending on mode used.
    • Features an ultralight design that can be clipped to a hat brim, pack strap or used as a stand-alone light.
    • The powerful white and green LEDs never need replaced.
    • The sliding on/off switch prevents accidental activation.
    • The rechargeable Li-Ion battery is rated for 300 charging cycles.
    • Water resistant.
    • USB charging cable included.
  • * Browning Trailmate Rechargeable Keychain Cap Light

    • Ultra-compact light with pocket/cap clip and key ring lanyard, white and green LEDs, high/low modes, rugged polymer body.
    • Brightness 7 to 360 lumens depending on mode.
    • Effective distance 35 to 90 yards depending on mode.
  • * Browning Trak Usb Rechargeable Cap Light

    • Tiny light with key ring and clip to attach to hat brim, high/low modes, USB rechargeable.
    • Brightness 121 lumens.
    • Effective distance 70 yards.
  • Browning Epic Headlamp Vista

    • General use headlamp offers 20 lumens of brightness and an effective range of 27 yards.
    • Features white LED and green LED for stealth and improved vision at night.
    • Operates on (1) AA battery (included).
  • Browning High Noon Spotlight

    • Lightweight, compact spotlight with floating waterproof design and rugged polycarbonate housing.
    • Features a built in stand for hands free use.
    • Offers 1,000 lumens on high mode and 90 on low.
    • Effective Distance: 725 yards.
    • Operates on (4) C Cell batteries (not included).
  • Browning Maxus Headlamp Black

    • Headlamp with adjustable zoom from spot light to flood light.
    • Offers three output levels with a maximum brightness of 170 lumens. 
    • Also includes two green and two red LEDs for maximum stealth and safety.
    • Operates on (3) AAA batteries (included).
    This product Is temporarily out of stock. However, you can Backorder it to Lock in this Sale Price.
    Backorder This item now! Sale ends soon.
    Due in Stock: October 30, 2019
  • Browning Nightseeker Rgb Light Cap Light Next Vista

    • Clip on cap light with two white LEDs (15 lumens), as well as red, green, and blue LEDs.
    • Runs up to 6.5 hours on white LEDs and 15 hours on red, green, and blue LEDs.
    • Operates on (2) 2032 lithium batteries (included).
  • Browning Pro Hunter Rgb Light

    • Compact flashlight with black polymer body and aluminum lens ring. 
    • Tactical style lock out end cap assures the light cannot be turned on accidently.
    • Features (2) high intensity LEDs, (1) wide view LED, and (1) red/green/blue LED for stealth and safety.
    • 40 lumen output on highest setting with effective distance of 27 yards. 
    • Operates on (3) AAA batteries (included).
  • Browning Ruckus Usb Rechargeable Lantern

    • The Ruckus Lantern is waterproof and floats.
    • Features high, low and green LED modes.
    • Operates on the included USB rechargeable battery or 3 D cell batteries. 
    • Can charge USB electronic devices.



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