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Food Processing

Jerky and Sausage Making
19 products 1 categories

9 products 1 categories


  • BPE Jerky Seasoning Teriyaki

    Seasoning that has a tasty, mild flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Mix will season 10 lbs. of meat.
  • BPE Jerky Shooter Kit

    Make your own jerky strips and sticks in just two hours with the Jerky Shooter. Everything you need is in the kit except the ground meat. Use whatever ground meat you want like deer, elk, buffalo or turkey.
  • Deer Camp Buck Pole Venison Seasoning and Rub

    Get those stoves and BBQ's ready for mouth watering flavors with Deer Camp Buck Pole Venison Seasoning & Rub Venison Seasoning & Rub. Make perfect steaks. You don't need a trophy to enjoy the winning tastes in each bottle. Great for tenderloins, back straps, filets, and ground venison and other cervid animal.
  • Deer Camp Buckin Good ChiliMix

    Deer Camp Buckin Good Chili Seasoning Mix is always a camp favorite celebrating the memories and traditions of “Opening Day�, first harvests, and tastes of Deer Camp especially tasty venison chili. Enjoyed with beef, wild game meats, exotic meats, and poultry. For additional flavors and heat add jalapeno, peppers, hot sauce, onions, sour cream, beans, and corn. Adjust mix to preferred taste preferences.
  • Deer Camp Drop A Line Seafood Seasoning

    Fire up the grill for amazing catfish, walleye, bass, cod, shrimp, and other seafood dishes. Competition flavors the head chef will approve. Deer Camp Drop The Line Seafood Seasoning & Rub is a blend of bold spices, garlic, lemon and smoke flavor. No salt and tastes the entire camp will enjoy.
  • Deer Camp Off The Rack All Purpose Seasoning

    Deer Camp Off The Rack Seasoning & Rub is an all purpose seasoning that works on everything. Low in salt and tastes the entire camp will enjoy.
  • Deer Camp Opening Day Coffee Rub

    Featuring Deer Camp Coffee Opening Day coffee beans. The delicious rich coffee bean aroma is the key ingredient of this seasoning. Deer Camp coffee beans are roasted for consistency and taste.
  • Hunt Chef 10 Ring Grill Rub 6 oz.

    Adds a flavorful punch to a variety of meat and game.
  • Hunt Chef All Dusted Up Seasoning 6 oz.

    Adds seasoning to a variety of meats and food.
  • Hunt Chef Big Sexy Beast Rub 6 oz.

    Bold and sweet flavor with some heat. Use for smoking or roasting venision, bear, duck, turkey, salmon, beef, pork.
  • Hunt Chef Bucked Up BBQ Jerky Kit

    A blend of sweet and savory spices to season jerky.
  • Hunt Chef Camp Breakfast Sausage Seasoning Kit

    Use this seasoning mix to add flavor to sausage patties or links. Each kit makes 10lbs of sausage.
  • Hunt Chef Canadian Carnivore Seasoning 6 oz.

    Bold flavor for roasting, smoiking, and grilling. Use on venision, game birds, bear, salmon, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and potatoes.
  • Hunt Chef Feather Duster Seasoning 6 oz.

    Use on a variety of sea and land game to add flavorful spices.
  • Hunt Chef Hoppin' Jalapeno Jerky Kit

    A jalapeno seasoning for jerky and meat sticks.
  • Hunt Chef Hot & Wild Italian Sausage Seasoning Kit

    Adds spice and savor flavors to wild game or any other ground meat. Each packet makes 10lbs of sausage links or patties.
  • Hunt Chef Low Down & Dirty Rub 6 oz.

    A bbq flavored rub used for smoking, roasting, and dusting. Season on a variety of meat and popcorn.
  • Hunt Chef Mountain Maple Sausage Seasoning Kit

    Use this seasoning to add maple flavoring to sausage links or patties.
  • Hunt Chef Ol' Hickory Jerky Kit

    Use to enhance the natural flavors of any meat. Use this profile on jerky and snack sticks as well.
  • Hunt Chef Party Fowl Seasoning 6 oz.

    Use Party Fowl to season a variety of foods including meat and vegetables.
  • Hunt Chef Reel Dam Deal Seasoning 6 oz.

    Use on a variety of fresh and saltwater food to add flavor.
  • Hunt Chef Smokey Bayou Seasoning 6 oz.

    Use Smokey Bayou on a variety of fish and land meals for a smokey southern flavor.
  • Hunt Chef Straight Outta Bay Seasoning 6 oz.

    Adds bay flavoring to a variety of sea and land food. Use for blackening, grilling, baking, marinating smoking, and dusting.
  • Hunt Chef Straight Outta Ponchartrain Seasoning 6 oz.

    Big and bold flavor to season a variety of meat and snacks.
  • Hunt Chef Taco Takedown Seasoning 6 oz.

    Adds southwest flavoring to a variety of sea and land food. Use on tacos, fajitas, grilled meats and more.
  • HuntChef Brine Kit Brown Sugar Ham

    The HuntChef Ham Kit can be used to smoke the hams of any animal. One kit makes 2 gallons of cure.
  • HuntChef Brine Kit Country Style Ham

    The HuntChef Ham Kit can be used to smoke the hams of any animal. One kit makes 2 gallons of cure.
  • HuntChef Brine Kit Sweet and Spicy Ham

    The HuntChef Ham Kit can be used to smoke the hams of any animal! One kit makes 2 gallons of cure.



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