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Turkey Call Combo Packs

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  • Hunter Specialties DOD Tongue Cutter Call Turkey Diaphragm Call

    The H.S. Strut Drury Outdoors Signature Cutter Diaphragm Turkey Call is designed by 6-time world champion Mark Drury and approved by the DOD Team. This mouth calls is designed with cutting edge technology and Mark has found that by tightening up the reed spacing and leaving a flat tongue instead of a pointed tongue he gets more performance out of this series of mouth as will you. The Tongue Cutter is a typical Cutter call cut Mark designed back in the 80's with his signature notch back in the corner. Features an aluminum frame, hand stretched reeds on the HS precision press, 3 reeds of .003 latex, extra tight reed spacing and cutter call with Mark Drury signature notch.
  • Hunters Specialties Ultimate Turkey Kit Decoy/Box Call/Pot Call/Diaphragm

    The Ultimate kit includes a variety of calls including the Suzie Snood Box Call, Raspy Old Hen Glass Call, Power V Diaphragm Call along with a Strut-Lite Upright Hen Decoy to be ready for any turkey hunting situation.
  • Primos Turkey Starter Pack Slate Call and 3 Mouth Calls

    Primos Turkey Starter Pack. Slate Call and 3 Mouth Calls. Includes a Sonic Dome Mouth Call, Sonic Dome Slate Call, Slim Striker and a double sided box call.
  • Quaker Boy Elevation Series Diaphragm Calls SR 3 pk.

    The patented SealRite cushioned frame technology conforms to virtually every palate size and shape. SealRite increases the call vibration zone between your tongue and palate, bringing the reeds closer to your tongue for ease of use. The design eliminates the tab to tongue contact point, resulting in a clean operation platform. The result, a superior sealing call that is easier to achieve unmatched realistic turkey killing sounds. The SR-Cutthroat is meticulously crafted of three and a half .003 latex reeds. The backer reed adds stability to the triple cut longest reed which adds realistic rasp; the SR-Cutthroat performs the heavy rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey, with added stability for loud aggressive calling. The SR-O.B.H. is meticulously crafted of two .006 latex reeds. We slit the corners on the longest reed which adds realistic rasp; the SR-O.B.H. is the easiest call to perform the medium rasp vocalizations of the wild turkey. The SR-Double is meticulously crafted of two .004 latex reeds. The easiest call to operate, the SR-Double is capable of performing the clean clear vocalizations of the wild turkey.
  • Quaker Boy Kirby's Klassic Combo Turkey Call 3 pk.

    The Kirby Klassic Combo is a three call combo pack. The Easy Yelper features One-handed, simple operation. A favorite of experts and beginners. The Waterproof Hurricane is waterproof. The Ergo-Grip paddle handle is designed so you can sound like an Old Hen or Young Hen on the right or left side of the call. This call never needs chalk or sanding. The Screamin’ Green Nasty Old Hen is clean and crisp. Provides the serious turkey hunter the opportunity to hunt effectively every day.
  • The Grind 3 Turkey Diaphram Call Combo Pack Includes Batwing,Fancy and Red Poison

    This 3 pack of mouth calls includes varying cuts and reed counts that create different levels of rasp to lure in turkey. The batwing cut provides the most rasp, while the fancy and snake tongue produce medium rasp tones.
  • Woodhaven Pure Turkey Mouth Call 3 pk.

    A 3 pack of turkey mouth calls including Modified Cutter, Hammer Tooth, and Hammer T cuts.



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