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  • Cuddeback 20 Megapixel IR Game Camera

    The H-Series is a basic, high quality camera for those not needing CuddeLink and cell connectivity. While basic in connectivity, it offers high end features including 50 foot LED flash range, 1/4 second trigger speed and a variable resolution of up to 20 MP.
  • Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Home Camera

    CuddeLink HOME Cell Camera operates as the HOME in the CuddeLink network. The patented wireless network technology allows the HOME to send images from up to 24 total cameras via the cellular network. The system only requires for the HOME to be connected via the LTE network. The Remote cameras will use the CuddeLink network to send their images back to the HOME for transmission.
  • Cuddeback Cuddelink IR Camera

    The Cuddeback Cuddelink IR Camera has the Cuddeback camera-to-camera network built in and requires no additional equipment. The camera is compatible with all other Cuddelink products. The camera features 24 high-power 850nm IR LED's, 1/4 second trigger speed, and 20MP images.
  • Cuddeback CuddeLink Power House Cell Camera AT&T

    CuddeLink Cell Mode 1 PowerHouse Cell exceeds the performance of other cellular trail cameras- LTE service, 1/4 second trigger speed, 20MP images, trigger speed 1/4 second and LED's 56 850nm. PowerHouse Cell camera operation requires an active Cuddeback Cell Data Plan. Each cell camera needs their own data plan to operate.
  • Cuddeback Power House Black Flash Trail Camera

    Cuddeback's patented Power House technology uses super capacitors to store energy - allowing the camera to deliver 3 times the power to the LEDs. The result is more range, better image quality, and less motion blur.
  • Cuddeback Power House Cell Camera AT&T

    Upload photos to your cell phone as they are taken with this stand-alone camera offering high-performance features without CuddeLink. The Power House Cell offers 100 foot IR flash range, 1/4 second trigger speed and a variable resolution of up to 20 MP.
  • Cuddeback Tracks Cell Camera

    TRACKS is a perfect cellular camera solution for users just getting into the cell camera market, for users with smaller parcels, for users looking for an easier implementation, for users that would like to be able to download hi-res versions of photos at their request, and for anyone looking for remote reliability. Cuddeback’s extensive camera technology is at work and will be reflected in the quality of the images. Meanwhile the users get all the functionality benefits of new technology by being able to manage their camera remotely.



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