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  • Buck Baits Dominate Bear 4 oz.

    Buck Baits “Dominate Bear� urine is highly effective tool when baiting, stalking, and calling bears. Bears are very scent cautious especially curious of other bears in their areas.
  • Buck Baits Sow Bear in Heat 4 oz.

    Buck Baits Sow Bear In Heat urine is effective and can be used in the spring for drawing in boar black bears looking to mate.
  • ConQuest Bear Scent Stick Blaine Anthony Whisperer

    Apply to trees, rocks, or any surface in your hunting area to attract bears. Uses natural scents to bring in bears all season long.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense 12 Miles of Dead Fish 6 pk.

    Protein scent smoke sticks for bear hunting with dead fish scent.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense Anise 6 pk.

    Scent stick with anise scent that has been a long time favorite for bear hunters.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense Combo w/Bucket 12 pk.

    Combo includes (12) Bear Sense scent sticks in a variety of scents and a collapsible bucket.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense Donuts 6 pk.

    Scent stick with the aroma of fresh fried donuts. Great for attracting bears to your hunting area.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense Honey Bacon Burn 6 pk.

    Combines the sweet smell of a honey burn with hickory bacon.
  • Deer Quest Bear Sense Wildberry 6 pk.

    Wild Berry scented smoke stick attracts bears into your hunting area.
  • Heated Hunts 5x Bear Scent Smoke 8 oz.

    Smoke 5x is a five times concentrate of a strong aroma that mimics smoke and drippings from a barbeque grill. This is the next level of smoke attractants as it is stronger than standard smoke attractants and it has the additional additives to make the aroma smell like food that just came off of the grill.
  • Hunters Specialties Bear Bomb Anise Oil 6.65 oz.

    Bear Bomb Anise Oil draws bears even where baiting is not allowed. It has no nutritional value so it's not considered bait. Black-licorice scent draws bears quickly. The 180 degree ball valve eliminates mess unlike screw-top bottles and can disperse the lure in short bursts or lock down the valve and empty the contents.
  • Hunters Specialties Bear Bomb Cake Icing 6.65 oz.

    Sweet smelling scent designed to stimulate appetite.



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