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Pittman Working Girl Slate Pot Call

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  • Made from the highest grade PA slate.
  • Gives the most subtle, mellow, sweet clucks, purrs and yelps that only high grade slate can reproduce.
  • Comes to life when called on for those sharp cuts, cackles and aggressive turkey calling.
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  • Ezy Climb Folding Step

    • 2-piece folding step with folding screw.
    • Compact and easy to transport.
    • Height: 4-1/4"
    • Width: 4-1/2"
    • Foot area: 3-3/4"
    • Screw length: 2-1/8"
    • Thread length: 1-1/2"
    • Weight: 7.6 oz
    • Muzzy Stingray Fish Point

      • All stainless with a replaceable carp tip.
      • Wide bite for great hold.
      • Two twists release fish.
      • Best for shallow bottom and tournament fishing.
    • Fade Yellow Carbon Wrap

      • Works on carbon, wood, and aluminum shafts.
      • Adheres with most fletching glues.
      • Matched weight.
      • Aids in placement and vane adhesion.
      • Fits up to 2100 size shafts.
      • 12 per pack.
    • Apollo Camera Upgradeable Wireless

      Industry leading trigger speed
      Long battery life with 1000's of pictures per charge!
      High resolution
      "Smart" video capture
      Upgradeable to a wireless system.
      • The only camera on the market that can be upgraded to transmit wirelessly
      • Completely Silent
      • Operates down to -32F

      • Long Battery Life

      • Color photos during the day
      • Adjustable resolution: 0.3 Mpixel, 0.8 Mpixel, 1.3 Mpixel, 3.1 Mpixel
      • Infrared photos at night - invisible flash - won't spook wildlife or alert trespassers
      • Weuse 2 separate image sensors to achieve color photos during the day andinfrared at night (actually 2 cameras in one). No noisy mechanicalfilters
      • 4 user adjustable resolution settings
        • 0.3 Meg (640 x 480)
        • 0.8 Meg (1024 x 768)
        • 1.3 Meg (1360 x 1016)
        • 3.1 Meg (2048 x 1536)
      • 2 Video Modes! Color during the day time and Infrared at night!
        • 640x480 1fps
        • 320x240 3fps
      • Upto 1500+ images can be stored at 0.3 Megapixel resolution with astandard 64MB SD memory card. Up to 20,000 images can be stored on astandard 1GB SD memory card.
      • Extremely low powerconsumption - you can expect to get anywhere from 3000 pictures at3Mpixel resolution up to 30,000 pictures at 0.3Mpixel resolution.
      • Rechargeable Battery and Charger Included
      • Camera has external waterproof ports built in for optional solar panel and Battery Bank (sold separately)
      • Mounting Hardware Included
      • Completely silent - no motors, drives, etc.
      • Reaction(trigger) speed: 0.2 seconds - The Apollo takes two pictures on everytrigger to automatically adjust for available light.
      • Cantake pictures 1 every second at the 0.3Mpixel setting even at night(not the trigger speed - this is the time between pictures)
        • 60 times faster than most cameras.
        • Adjustable delay from 1 second to a couple of hours
      • Camera settings available on the BuckEye Cam Apollo software:
        • Picture stamp options
          • Four custom text fields
          • Time
          • Date
          • Temperature
          • Moon Phase
      • User selectable options
        • Trigger during the Day, Night or Day and Night (both)
        • Motion Detector Sensitivity
        • Burst mode
        • Adjustable Picture Quality
        • Camera Scheduling - Schedule times for each camera to be active.
        • Time Lapse - Schedule specific times for each camera to take pictures.
      • Minimum trigger delay between pictures:
        • From 1 sec all the way up to a 2 hour delay
    • Bloodsport Two Elite Target Point 80gr

      • 80 grain.
      • Dozen pack.
    • Hi Beam Mossy Oak Breakup Hat

      • Structured, mid to low profile.
      • Torch Light technology.
      • Quad power batteries for ultra bright LED light.
      • One size fits most.
    • Rover Ii Mossy Oak Breakup Youth Size 10

      • Breathable PK mesh lining.
      • 5mm CR flex foam.
      • Rubber toe and heel protector.
      • Self cleaning diamond outsole.
      • Comfort topline.
      • Comfort range: sub freezing to 65°F/18°C.
    • 16 Browning Zero 7 Crossbow Pkg W/scope, Arrows, Ccd, & Case

      • Speed:         370 fps
      • Draw weight: 145 lbs
      • Power stroke: 14.625”
      • Length:         36.75”
      • Width:         21.875”
      Package includes:  
      • Browning crank cocking device.
      • Custom fitted travel case.
      • Scope.
      • Arrows.

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