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  • Hindsight Center Shot Sight 2x Lens Rh/lh Black Green Pin

    • Sight features two fiber optic cables suspended in a 2X magnifying lens. 
    • Lens is made from optical grade polycarbonate material with green fiber optic cable.
    • The illuminating dots define an open area in the center of the lens where your front sight pin will be positioned.
    • The lens retainer has a 1.25" inside diameter for a wide field of view and also includes a battery operated LED to illuminate the dots for low light conditions.
  • Hindsight Eclipse Bowsight 5 Pin

    • The Eclipse combines the Magnum rear sight with a Tru Glo Tru-Site Extreme front sight together on one mounting bracket.
    • The front sight comes with three Tru Glo fiber optic sight pins in red, green, yellow with .029 fibers.
    • Rear sight features a glow in the dark shooters ring and crosshairs for ease of aligning the two sights.
  • Hindsight Extreme Sight Black Rh/lh

    • Add on rear sight eliminates the need for a traditional string peep and is compatible with any fixed pin sight.
    • Mounting bracket extends front sight forward creating more distance between sights for optimum accuracy.
    • Prevents bow torque and misalignment.
    • Drilled and tapped to accept quiver.
  • Hindsight Ii Sight Black Rh/lh

    • Add on rear sight that eliminates the need for a string peep.
    • Works well with any fixed pin sight.
    • By having this rear reference point it is impossible to torque the bow or be out of anchor alignment without seeing it.
    • Glow in the dark cross hairs aid in low light shooting conditions.
  • Hindsight Magnum Sight Black Rh/lh

    • Features a 28 percent larger sight ring for increased field of view and thicker glow in the dark crosshairs.
    • Eliminates the need for a peep sight.
  • Hindsight Twilight Sight Rear Mount Rh/lh Green Pin

    • Rear mounted sight designed to be used with an existing fixed pin front sight.
    • Features a wide range of adjustability, two horizontal fiber optic pins on a bed of glow in the dark tape to insure high visibility in low light conditions.
    • Aperture and sight bracket included.
  • Hindsight Twilight Xtreme Sight Black Rh/lh Green Pin

    • Sighting aid has an aluminum mounting bracket that extends your front sight forward allowing the sighting system to become more sensitive to bow torque for increased accuracy.
    • The anchor block is drilled & tapped for attaching your favorite bow quiver.
    • Twilight rear aperture in green.



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